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West Pasco History

West Pasco County is situated along the Nature Coast of Florida overlooking the beautiful blue-green waters of the Gulf of Mexico. We are located just a short distance north of Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg. Making traveling to local area attractions quickly and easy.

Blanketed in Florida sunshine and flowing with neighborhood unity, each community in West Pasco holds a unique history and captivating charm.

On the northernmost border of the county rests the picturesque Aripeka, a tranquil fishing village of unspoiled natural beauty where residents can enjoy fishing and boating in the village's many inlets and bayous.

Just below Aripeka is the fast-growing community of Hudson, where homes line the Gulf coast and deep - water canals that run throughout the area. Once tread upon by swashbuckling pirates and Seminole Indians, Hudson was established in 1878 when Isaac Hudson purchased 200 acres of land for a mere $1.25 an acre.

Continuing south, Port Richey is one of the earliest settled towns on Florida's Gulf coast and has more waterfront than any other city or town in Pasco. Nestled on the Gulf of Mexico, it was founded when Missourian Captain Aaron M. Richey anchored on an island at the mouth of The Pithlachascotee River. He was so moved by the beauty of the land that he made it a home port for his schooner.

1927 Standard Oil Co. map - Courtesy West Pasco Historical Society
1927 Standard Oil Co. map - Courtesy West Pasco Historical Society
Downtown NPR. Late 1920's - Courtesy West Pasco Historical Society
Downtown NPR. Late 1920's - Courtesy West Pasco Historical Society

In New Port Richey, the crystal blue waters of the meandering Cotee River weave through the center of town. Incorporated in 1924, it was expected that the lovely city would become the future home site for famous stars of silent films, making the town another Hollywood.

The advent of "talkies" and the depression changed the economic direction of the city. Nonetheless, several of the buildings and homes that still remain in New Port Richey were built in the early 1900s giving the town a touch of old-fashioned charm. New Port Richey is the only city along the West Pasco coast with a downtown business district offering streetscapes and charming retail shops.

The town of Elfers is a short jaunt southeast from New Port Richey. Originally the land served as an Indian hunting ground called Alafia; however, in 1840, Samuel Hope surveyed the area and it is now speckled with authentic homes of old.

Neighboring Elfers is a community with a name that represents the lifestyle of its residents, Holiday. A laid back town of summertime atmosphere, Holiday caters to a wide range of housing needs with condo complexes, mobile homes, and gated communities. The town was officially given a name in the mid-1960s when directors of a local bank needed to identify it. In their dilemma, they spotted a postal sub-station located on the nearby Holiday Drive. And so, the town name came to be Holiday.